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Fryd Extracts Berry Blow Pop

Berry Blow Pop is one of the new flavors from our recently released fryd liquid diamonds. Berry Blow Pop is extracted directly and filled with premium quality, uncured cannabis. Fryd liquid diamonds preserves the authentic taste profile and delivers a full spectrum cannabis extract. Introduced seasonally, in small batches, this craft THCA cannabis oil provides a synergy between cannabinoids and rich terpenes for the ultimate entourage effect.  Berry blow pop and other Fryd Liquid diamonds disposables effects are indica-forward, laying heavily atop the limbs while it excites and uplifts the mind. These attributes make for an effective strain when combating stress, daily aches and pains, and nausea.
Fryd Extracts focuses not just on design but on quality of the product itself. A few of our employees tried out a few of our liquid diamonds flavors and the effects lasted almost 3 hours.
Effects & Benefits of Berry Blow Pop
Fryd liquid diamonds are not like your typical 2g disposables. Our fryd disposables pack a punch. For newbies we recommend you start out with a few tokes before you are left overwhelmed. A few effects of the liquid diamonds Extracts:
It can help with patients suffering from insomnia due to its sedative effects
Induces a feeling of nausea.
It helps with anxiety and stress
It slows down reaction time
It has known to induce mild hallucinations in a few newbies
Where To Buy Fryd Liquid Diamonds
There are a lot of vendors and Reps online claiming to sell authentic liquid diamond disposables. Most of these are fake and just trying to make a fast buck. This is not uncommon however with the vaping industry and fryd is no exception. We recommend you make purchase from our official website when your trying to get fryd products or any other fryd extracts flavors. We also offer discounts on bulk orders and retailers looking to carry our products in their shop. So what are you waiting for to try out fryd disposables today. Remember – Fryd Extracts taking over the game.
All About Berry Blow Pop.
Berry blow pop is a 2 grams fryd liquid diamond flavor derived from cross-breeding Pop rocks strain and pop rox strain together with a Hybrid Dominant Tropical punch strain. This gives you an exciting flavor and long lasting high. It also has a rich blend mix of THCA (89%) and  fine Liquid diamonds (0.7g) combined. It is with no doubt one of the best selling flavors.

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