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Introducing Tangie Terpsolate, a terpene-rich concentrate designed to elevate your vaping experience to new heights. Bursting with the zesty and vibrant flavors of tangy citrus, Tangie Terpsolate delivers a truly tantalizing sensation with every inhale.

Our Tangie Terpsolate is carefully crafted using the finest quality hemp extracts and terpenes, resulting in a concentrated form that captures the essence of the Tangie strain. The terpenes present in this terpsolate not only contribute to its remarkable taste but also offer potential therapeutic benefits.

When you vape Tangie Terpsolate, you’ll be greeted by a wave of uplifting and energizing effects. The citrusy aroma invigorates your senses, while the terpenes work synergistically with the cannabinoids to provide a well-rounded experience. Whether you’re seeking a boost of creativity, a burst of motivation, or simply a heightened sense of well-being, Tangie Terpsolate has got you covered.

Each batch of our Tangie Terpsolate undergoes rigorous testing to ensure purity, potency, and safety. We are committed to providing you with a premium product that meets the highest standards of quality.

At HIGHTIMEEXTRACTS, we prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to provide you with a seamless shopping experience. Our TangiesTerpsolate is sourced from trusted manufacturers to ensure authenticity and consistency. We offer discreet packaging and reliable shipping to ensure your order arrives safely and promptly.

Experience the vibrant flavors and potential benefits of Tangies Terpsolate. Order now and unlock a world of citrusy delight and terpene-rich vaping, exclusively at HIGHTIMEEXTRACTS

Tangies Terpsolate Know your CBD products!
The term “terpsolate” is used to describe CBD isolates which have been combined with terpenes, most popularly used for dabbing. Our terpsolates are a balanced combination of 99+% pure CBD isolate and hemp-derived terpenes, offering a satisfying dabbing experience.
Ingredients: Anhydrous hemp oil, terpenoids, and Hemp derived CBD isolate.


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