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Flavors: citrus, cream, berry, candy, fruity, herbal, sweet, tropical, pinch of sour.

Effects: body high, cerebral, energizing, relaxing, tingly.

PackMan Gelato Sunset

Purchase disposable vapes online. Our hybrid strain flavor, PackMan Sunset Gelato, was developed by combining the delectable flavors of gelato with sunset sherbet. Taste is crucial when it comes to this strain. The flavor of Sunset Gelato is sweet, fruity candy with hints of citrus, tropical fruits, and mild spices. The scent is earthy, with notes of tropical fruits and sweet candies contrasting with a strong berry overtone. The flavor of Sunset Gelato is as enlightening as it is potent. Starting out with a mildly elevated feeling, the Sunset Gelato high infuses your mind with a light touch of mental vitality and pure blissful creativity. Your body will become fully pain-free and relax into a state that can be mildly sedative as your mind calms down is coupled with an extreme case of the munchies. Because of these effects and the high proportion of THC in it.

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Tastes: candied, cherry, citrus, cream, and a tropical, fruity, herbaceous, sweet, and slightly sour.

Effects: tingling, energetic, intellectual, body high, and calming.

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