PackMan Guava Lava


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The PackMan Guava Lava is a premium disposable vape that captures the tropical and juicy flavors of guava.

Packman Guava Lava

Packman Guava Lava, also known as a Hybrid is a mixture of both indica and sativa strains. Each has its own unique characteristics and effects. These hybrids are produced by crossing different strains in order to create offspring that have specific characteristics, such as aroma, flavor or cannabinoid levels. Hybrid strains can be highly variable, and have different effects depending on their parent strains. Some hybrid strains have an energizing effect and are more sativa dominant, while others have a relaxing effect and are more Indica dominant.

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Electronic cigarettes are electronic devices that simulate tobacco smoking. The electronic cigarette consists of a cartridge, a battery or other power source, and a container. Inhaling the vapor is the alternative to smoking. Vaping is the term used to describe using an electronic cigarette. The atomizer, which is a heating component that atomizes an arrangement of fluid called e-fluid, is the atomizer. The e-cigarette is started by a simple drag or pressing a button. Most e-cigarettes are reusable and some look like conventional cigarettes.

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